£184 Return to Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I haven’t posted a good deal in what seems like months. Given the world falling apart and the copious amounts of moving hoops that you have to navigate and jump through, most of you probably couldn’t be bothered. With things changing though and this only being available from Jan 2022 onwards I thought this was too good to not share.

The Deal

There are some flights from Madrid to Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands (The Carribean essentially) for £184. This is hand luggage only economy but if you’re Gold with Virgin or hold any other top tier status with Sky Team you’ll get luggage included along with lounge access, seat selection, priority boarding, etc.

The added bonus with the flights on offer is getting to spend an afternoon and evening in New York. You’ll arrive at JFK at 12:55 and don’t fly out to Saint Thomas until 08:30 the next day. This does mean you’ll need a hotel for the night, but I night in New York is NEVER a bad idea.

The Dates

Above you’ll see all the dates you can travel. It’s an 8 night trip. My advice would be to book the March dates as Thats when New York isn’t -150°C that and Saint Thomas is a rather toasty 28°C.

How to Book

Head over to Skyscanner, enter any of the above dates and with MAD as your starting airport and STT as your destination. Wait until the search completes and you’ll see your options to book. You can book direct with Virgin for an extra £45~ if you don’t trust any of the utter scumbags which are online travel agents. That said, it is an extra 25% so up to you.

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