Bluebells in T- 2 weeks

A few weeks ago I mentioned booking some flights with Qatar Airways in their Qsuites and said that I’d be booking Auckland, New Zealand for no other reason than it’s their longest flight. Well, I spent a bit of time looking at what I’d like to do in NZ and it basically revolved around doing the Lord of the Rings trail, after all, what better advertisement was there for NZ?

After visiting Rannerdale Knotts I’ve panned that idea on the head. Here’s why:

Rannerdale Knotts

If ever there was a location that gave you the feels of a hobbit it’s here. A magical part of the world and best of all it doesn’t require 24~ hours of flying, well at least not for me. Tucked away in a small valley at the end of Crummock Water (A body of water I consider to be one of the nicest in the world) you’re transported to a land of fairytales as soon as you see the rope fence.

Timing Is Everything

This is what the trail currently looks like. Yes, it’s nice but it could be any trail in The Lakes. In less than 2 weeks time however, it will undergo its natural transformation turning from the above to the below.

Hills awash with bluebells and bees doing their thing. Just like with cherry blossom season, the photo’s don’t do it justice. Unlike cherry blossom, however, the bluebells will bloom a lot later this year. By my estimates, they’ll likely bloom by 9th May onwards. This gives you just under 2 weeks to make some plans.

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