British Airways First Class Sale To North America

Everyone seems to be going big for Black Fridays when it comes to sales but British Airways are more desperate than most to get your money into their accounts so they’ve slashed hundreds and and some cases thousands off their First Class flights.


In a rare instance, the sale is only applicable for flights originating from London so heading to Inverness to save on some Air Passenger Duty is only going to cost you more. The good thing is you get to use BA’s Terminal 5 First Class Wing with dedicated check-in and security.

Concorde Room

Along with your own private check-in area, you also have access to the revered Concorde Room. BA have First Class lounges then they have The Concorde Room, endless Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle, table service dining, multi-million-pound pieces of art etc.

Where to? and whats the damage?

  • Austin  £1,788
  • Boston £1,678
  • Cancun £2,105
  • Charleston £1,996
  • Chicago £1,738
  • Denver £1,729
  • Mexico City £1,951
  • Miami £1,985
  • Nashville £1,931
  • New Orleans £1,938
  • New York £1,625
  • Phoenix £1,843
  • San Francisco £1,887
  • Seattle £1,685
  • Toronto £1,770
  • Vancouver £1,842
  • Washington £1,797

The above prices are what you’ll pay when booking directly with BA. If you want to save a little more, you can book through SkyScanner and save £50-£75. Given how bad the majority of travel agents have been throughout the pandemic though I’d highly recommend giving 2 fingers to the travel agents and booking direct.

If you haven’t got over a grand to just drop on flights in 1 hit, there’s a little hack you can do where if you add a hotel to your flights even if it’s just 1 night at the hotel it books as a holiday and you only need a £150 deposit per person and you can pay it off as and how you like up to 4 weeks before you fly.

My Take

I won’t be cashing in on these deals as I think they’re still £300-400 overpriced given the current climate, what with the US not letting people in and the whole WuFlu situation. I think better deals may come along in the not so distant future, but if you don’t want to gamble and think it’s a decent price, fire away.

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