Cathay Pacific’s Asia & Down Under Sale

7 weeks into lockdown now and the glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel are starting to appear when it comes to travel. The likes of Greece and the Seychelles stating they will be back open for tourism by the end of June. Spain saying they will be open for tourism by the end of October.

Rather convenient then that Cathay have dates spanning a 6 month period from November all the way to April 2021 on sale for Asia and down under. It’s worth also mentioning that you get a free 23kg bag to check-in along with your hand luggage.

I like flying Cathay, be it Economy or First. The onboard service is tremendous, the seats are comfy with top-notch entertainment and they serve Häagen-Dazs for desert.

Worry Free

Even if you’re not convinced by the far-out dates, you still get a 1-year free change. Here’s the details:

“With our usual rebooking and rerouting fees waived, you can book your next trip knowing that you can alter your travel dates, or pick an entirely new destination, as many times as you like within the year.

You can easily adjust your booking using Manage booking up to 30 June 2020. After then, simply call your local reservations office to make any further changes up until you fly. Your trip must be completed within one year of your original ticket issuance date.

If you booked before 9 March 2020, you’re also able to alter your booking (although fees may apply). Please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) refunds and ticket changes for more information, or call your local reservations office to speak to one of our agents.”

The Deals

Brisbane, Australia

Summer in Brisbane? Watch some ICC T20 cricket at the Gabba or a delayed State of Origin game at Suncorp. If sport isn’t your thing, some fine dining at Moo Moo or Gauge. If you still aren’t sold, a short 1-hour drive and you’re at Sunshine Coasts famous beaches…

Chiang Mai, Thialand

Perhaps a different approach, what about chilling out whilst checking out one of Chiang Mai’s 24 temples. Or diving in at the deep end amongst the hustle and bustle and having some incredible street food for £0.30. Or you could get glammed up and hit one of the many rooftop cocktail bars as the stars go by. A good way to start the new year, Januarys weather comes in at a nice 29 degrees with no rain.

Da Nang, Vietnam

March in Da Nang with a maximum of 2 days of rain for the month and temps in the modest 28-degree range. There are all sorts to see and do here be it amazing beaches or world-class food. Just like in Chiang Mai you can live like a king for very little.

Bali, Indonesia

There is a reason digital nomads who “work from home” spend 3-4 month at a time in Bali. £64 a night for amazing villas, a hand full of Michelin star restaurants (My favourite being Metis) and the only thing you have to worry about is getting the sand out of your toes. Ideally, you want to be looking at early November dates for the best weather. The later you leave it the more into the rainy season it gets.

Auckland, New Zealand

I’ve spent a grand total of 32 hours in Auckland so I won’t be preaching on how amazing it is. Me personally, I’d rather be in Queenstown when I go to New Zealand but plenty of people want to go to Auckland. couple that with the fact it is a good £300 less than what you should be expecting to pay and it’s defo worth a mention.

Hong Kong

Finally, just like New York, Hong Kong is a city I visit at least once a year. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is that keeps me coming back. I guess it’s just like the West but in the East. There’s so much to see and do there, that’s why it’s my first long haul flight I have booked and plan on taking when the lockdown of 2020 ends.

Dont Forget

If you’ve got Saphire or Emerald status with OneWorld you can access some incredible lounges when you transfer in Hong Kong airport. For Saphire Members, I’d recommend The Pier Business Class Lounge. For Emerald, it has to be The Wing First Class Lounge.

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