Cathay Pacific’s First & Business Lounge, Vancouver

Vancouver is a fifth freedom route for Cathay Pacific. They fly in from Hong Kong then onto New York, as such the opening hours and size of the lounge reflect this.

AccessOneWorld Business Class and First Class ticket holders or OneWorld Saphire or Emerald status holders
Opening TimesMonday-Saturday 10:30-15:00 20:00-02:00
Sunday 10:30-15:00 20:00-02:00
LocationGate D67.

By Cathays standards, the lounge is relatively small however it has everything you need, more so than other lounges in fact.


Take your pick really, ample amount of seating throughout the lounge.

If you’re one for plane watching they have a whole row of comfy leather seats with matching footrests.

If you’re on your own, there are large deep sofas with power sockets at the base of each.

Alternatively, if you’re with a group of people there’s whole sections where you can sit together.


They have 3 fully specced out iMacs each with printers if you need to get some office work done. There are also 3 landlines all with free international calls should you need to phone someone in London or Hong Kong and say “Buy, buy, buy” or “Sell, sell, sell”. If like me you aren’t too keen on Apple products, the seats are super comfy and ergonomic so you can still use them and have your laptop on the desk. Once again there’s an abundance of power sockets.


If you’re in the mood for some Dandan noodles or some dim sum Cathay are well know for cooking up a storm in their restaurants.

Again, plenty of space to sit in the restaurant.

The Shower

I’ll always bang the drum of how nice it is to have a shower just before you get on or just after you get off a plane. Full Aesop toiletries as is expected with Cathay. Super soft towels and a great shower with plenty of pressure. As a side note, go up to the front desk and get your name on the inevitable waiting list for a shower as there are only 4.

All in all, it’s a great little lounge. Not somewhere you’d want to spend more than 3 hours but perfect for the purpose it serves.

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