Cathay Pacific’s The Wing First Class Lounge, Hong Kong

What Fenway Park is to The Red Sox, Old Trafford is to Manchester United and I guess The Flavian Amphitheatre was to the Romans, Hong Kong is to Cathay Pacific. It’s their home turf, their place to show the world what they’re about.

With that in mind, the race was on. Arriving at gate 49, it was a mad dash to The Wing. The sweat wasn’t far from beading. We finally made it to the lounge, I ask where the cabanas are located then briskly walk there. As we get there we are stood behind the couple who were on the same flight as us. They get whisked away whilst we are told the last cabana has just been taken. The couple in front certainly wasn’t moving quicker than us, they just knew where to go.


AccessOneWorld First Class ticket holders or OneWorld Emerald status holders
Opening TimesMonday-Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours
LocationTerminal 1, next to gate 2.


Use the upstairs entrance which is right next to the entrance to the cabanas. The downstairs entrance means you have to loop back on yourself and take a massive walk.

FIRST Impressions

Greeted by a choice of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut, Deutz Rose or Thienot instantly sets the tone when entering the lounge.

The Cabanas

Out of the long list of reasons to visit The Wing, this should be at the top!

If it wasn’t obvious I have a partiality for showers at airports. I take one just before I fly and if I get the chance when I land. It’s a mixture of making use of something that many people do not have the luxury of and it’s nice to get a shower before and after you fly.

A bath though‽ That is next level balling!!!

I guess another tip would be, start the bath running, take a quick dash to the bar for a cocktail and by the time its mixed for you and you get back the bath will be ready and you’ll have a cocktail to drink.

When you’re finished with the bath or shower, the sofa is great for kicking back and relaxing and doubles down as a half-decent bed should you be wanting a bit of sleep in private.

Once you’ve had a sleep, you can freshen up at the sink with toileteries provided by Aesop.

The Noodle Bar

It wouldn’t be Hong Kong without one.

A large open space with bamboo plants growing throughout. As is typical for an Asian food bar you are perched on stools whilst eating. If that isn’t for you there are still plenty of bench seats you may find more normal.

Though it does say noodle bar, you can still pick up some amazing dim sum, steamed and folded to perfection.

Freshly made to order you can request:

  • Flat rice noodles in soup with fish balls
  • Wonton noodles in soup
  • Dan Dan noodles
  • Wild vegetables inaniwa udon
  • Steamed BBQ pork bun
  • Chicken mushroom bun
  • Red bean paste bun

The Coffee Loft

A connoisseur I am not, I’d struggle to tell you the difference between a flat which and cappuccino never mind the ideal roasting temperature of a certain bean.

I may not know my coffees but I know nice places to hang out in airports and this is one of those. Again, a large open space with plenty of comfy seats and an abundance of media be it daily international newspapers or magazines.

The Atrium

Cards on the table, this isn’t somewhere I spend any time. If anything it’s a bit of a hindrance as due to it’s length, it means a longer walk from the cabanas to the noodle bar.

There’s plenty of decent seating where you can watch the world go by or planes arrive and depart. There is an open buffet but with the noodle bar and their dedicated table service restaurant, why would you eat there.

The Bar

Seating a mere 60ish people, you’d think it was small, WRONG. The space it’s self is vast only being outshone by the amount of natural light let in. You wouldn’t think it though, with the very large seats and the layout it feels a very snug enviroment. The mixologist’s know how to mix up a storm should that be your thing, if not there’s a large selction of alcoholic drinks. Turns out if you’re on your own they’re nice people to have a chat with for a good hour


A let down on my part, on the 20+ times I’ve visited The Wing, I’ve never once eaten at there restaurant. It’s full sit down table service dining and if it’s anything like the food standard at The Pier, you won’t be disappointed.


The Wing First Class Lounge from Cathay Pacific joins Qatar Airway’s Al Safwa lounge at the number 1 spot in my list of the worlds best airport lounges! I can easily kill a good 12-15 hours there and often make sure my flights east route through HKG with a hefty layover just so i can visit. It’s just magical and the kind of place you want to find yourself before an 11-hour flight home.

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