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Until the end of December 2019, Qatar Airways are offering a pretty cool feature on flights booked either with them or in some cases through a travel agent. So long as you have a layover of more than 12 hours in Doha (their main hub), you can book some rather nice hotels (were talking £170 a night InterContinental Doha) for practically peanuts. There are 28 hotels (11x 4-star, 17x 5-star) signed up to the program with prices starting from QAR 84 which is roughly £18.

4-Star Hotel5-Star Hotel
1 NightQAR 84 / £18QAR 102 / £22
2 NightsQAR 310 / £67QAR 401 / £86
3 NightsQAR 456 / £98QAR 583 / £126
4 NightsQAR 601 / £130QAR 765 / £165

It’s a very simple process, first book your flights, then head to Discover Qatar Stopover.

Select the date, number of nights and guests in your party.

It will now present a list of hotels available on your night(s) with the total price being displayed in Qatari Riyal. Have a look through and see which one impresses you the most. You could pick any of them and I don’t think you’d be disappointed. Select the room(s) and click book now.

Review and accept the fees, enter your email address, the penultimate step which is the only bit that requires any sort of effort. Once you fill in all the guest names you have to have your e-ticket number for each passenger. So dig out the email with the itinerary attached and you’re looking for a number that starts with 157-. Populate all that information and then pay.

Check your inbox for an email confirmation and that’s it, a maximum of 20 minutes and you’ve got yourself a bargain with very little effort. I’d highly recommend stopping over in Doha if you’re on any sort of leisure trip.

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