Free WiFi in most airports around the globe

Being connected to the internet when travelling is a godsend that you almost always take for granted. The ability to download your boarding passes/certificates/visa’s, perhaps make a hotel reservation or something simple like booking an UBER or Grab it’s all easy and convenient as it should be. The times you don’t take it for granted are those when you don’t have access. Having to pay a fortune turning on roaming or asking for someone to hotspot is never a fun time.

Regardless of your travel budget be it a cheap flight from a local airport with Ryanair or a long haul First Class with a top airline I can guarantee you’ll want to connect to WiFi in an airport. Yes, those at the pointy end will no doubt have access to a lounge where the access code will be displayed somewhere but what if said lounge is full…

The Interactive Cheat Sheet

Zoom in on the above map to find the airport you’re going to, tap on the plane icon and it will bring a list of WiFi networks and their passwords if applicable. Networks and passwords are updated regularly.

WiFox App

Youre probably thinking “I need an internet connection to be able to access this!!!!!” True that. What I typically do is load the airports up that I will be visiting and take print screens so I can reference them later when I know I won’t have an internet connection.

Alternatively, you can download the app for both iOS and Android which will work in offline mode. I do the above way as I don’t like having too many apps installed.

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