Gatwick to Doha with Qatar Airways for £350~

Doha, I absolutely love the place. Forget what you read in the press or online in the run-up to the World Cup, the place is phenomenal and the people, well there’s barely anyone there. I really couldn’t make a stronger recommendation to visit

The Deal

You’ll want a credit card with decent customer service to book this one…

Its through an online travel agent called Voliamo. Not only have I never used them, but I’ve also never heard of them. That’s why you’ll want to book using a credit card with decent customer service, so if anything goes wrong you’re not only protected, but it’s effortless to access your protection.

Circa £350 for round trip flights to Doha from London with Qatar Airways is a bargain. The cheapest I have seen in fact and you won’t have to worry about getting all your swimwear to fit in your backpack, the price includes 25kg of checked luggage and 7kg of hand luggage (yes they do weigh hand luggage). Here’s what it’s like flying their A350 in Economy and here’s what it’s like flying their 787 in economy.

The Dates

You’ll need a decent tolerance to warm environments, after all, it is the desert and with dates available from March through to May it’s certainly some of the warmer months of the year. I’ve been in mid-august with 41-degree mornings and it’s nothing a dip in the pool can’t fix.

How To Book

To book you need to head to enter London as your departure airport and Doha as your destination. Choose pretty much any dates between March And May for almost any duration and wait for the search to finish. Once the search completes, select direct flights only.

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