How to Transfer BPme Rewards To Avios + Bonus

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be buying anything from BP be it fuel or food in their forecourts but with the whole £2 a litre for diesel, it turned out BP was often the cheapest for fuel. A premise I’m still trying to wrap my head around.

Anyway, me being me I signed up for BP’s me Rewards where you get 1 point (worth 0.5p) for every £1 spent on fuel or food. I’m buying the fuel anyway and as it was the cheapest going I may as well get the points. My initial signup got me 500 bonus points then £336 worth of fuel in a couple of weeks got me up to 836 points.

The thing is, fuel is ALMOST back to normality. Yes, it’s still £1.65~ a litre but BP are back to its old way of charging way more than anyone else. In essence then, I have a handful of BP me Reward points that I realistically won’t be using.

Transferring BPme Rewards to Avios

Naturally then, I’ll happily transfer them to Avios for which I have many uses. Especially when it’s this easy to do. Now the transfer rate isn’t that great at 40 BPme Rewards = 25 Avios but it’s better than getting 0.5p off your over-inflated fuel.

First click “Link Your Account”

Then log in to your British Airways Executive Club Account.

You’ll then automatically be redirected back to BPme Rewards where it will show your BAEC membership number, you Avios balance along with your BPme Rewards balance. Type in the amount of BPme Rewards you want to transfer in multiples of 40 (the maximum is 30,000) in this instance 800 and hit “Convert Points”.

That’s it, you’ll get a notification stating the points have been converted. Unlike a lot of transfers, the transaction happens instantly so no waiting around.

The Bonus

If you link your British Airways Executive Club account and transfer 40 BPme Rearwds before March 30th you’ll get a 200 Avios bonus for free.

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