London to Cancun in Business Class for £718

TAP Air Portugal currently have a blinding deal in business class to Cancun for when this whole COVID19 pandemic is over. It’s a new route for TAP which starts to operate in October on their new A330-900Neo’s. Think, a bed for 10 and a half hours each way.

The Deal

The deal is simple to find but you’re days are numbered. You have to have your flights booked by the 17/07/2020. Google flights will show all the availability. November is cheapest for 7,9 and 13 nights but the deal goes all the way through to March 2021.

Google shows the cheapest options with at least 1-night in Lisbon.

The terms of the ticket stipulate though you can have a stopover in Lisbon for up to 5 days for no extra cost. To digress a little, if you do have a side holiday in Lisbon, be careful in the good night clubs. They operate on a cashless system where you clear a card when you leave. From personal experience, you can spend a fair whack without even realising.

Sky Scanner

Here’s a SkyScanner Link direct to the above results page. Not only does Skyscanner show prices for a further £30 cheaper. If a night in Lisbon isn’t for you and you just want to get there, you can leave London at 06:00 and be in Cancun by 15:00 the same day.

TAP Website

You can book directly on the FlyTAP website but it’s a bit of a faf. Firstly, when you search multi-city, if you were wanting a couple of days in Lisbon, it either brings up economy for £272.

Or if you click on filter and change the times and reset it, it brings up Top Executive which is there expensive version of buisness class for £1049.51. Theres no option in either the search or the filters to choose which class to display.


This is, without doubt, the best business class price I have seen to Cancun. Factor in that you can fly from London Heathrow, instead of having to start your journey from the likes of Amsterdam or Oslo and its a no brainer.

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