Luxury Marriott Deals In Bali, Indonesia

For the next 7 days until midnight 31st May 2020, Marriott has a decent promo on for their luxury hotels in Bali, Indonesia. Not only is there a hefty amount to be saved, but you can book dates all the way up to May 31st 2021.

The Deal

To access the deal is pretty simple, head to Marriott chose the dates, room and guests then enter the promo code: LRR in the special rates box.

The results page will show the hotels in Indonesian Rupiah. To make life simple for yourself, click on “currency” in the top left and change it to GBP. Take note though, you will be charged in IDR so you’ll want a free foreign transactions card.


After finding out that people in Bali were being arrested for having sex without being married I cancelled my trip that was booked for November 2019. With hindsight, I massively regret the decision. Naturally, I’ve been looking at Bali for a while now. All of the examples are for a 6 nights stay from Monday 12 October to Sunday 18th October 2020 for 2 people as that’s when I plan on being there.

The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali

Consider this hotel as your budget option. As the first example, Google Hotels is often the cheapest way to find hotels. For the 6 night stay, it comes out at £786 (£131 a night).

With the discount applied booking directly, the 6 nights will run you £570 (£95 a night). A decent saving of £316 and that’s before you factor in the daily breakfast certificate of £20 a day which is included.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

This is more you’re mid tier, 6 nights would be £1568 (£260 a night) through

For the same Junior Suite £864 (£144 a night). That’s a 45% discount or in cash terms £704!!! Again, you get a daily £30 breakfast certificate throughout your stay for free.

W Bali – Seminyak

This is certainly more higher teir, 6 nights on Google comes in at £1650 (£275 a night).

The same on comes in at £1830 (£305 a night). Take note those of you who aren’t willing to shop arround, you’re paying an extra £180.

With the promo code booking directly with Marriott is £1188 for 6 nights (£198 a night) with a free £40 daily breakfast certificate. A £462 saving over the cheapest available on Google and £642 saved over

The St. Regis Bali Resort

God tier, no questions asked. An interesting one though Google has the 6 nights priced at £2088 (£348 a night).

When booking directly, even with the promo code applied the 6 nights are £198 more expensive at £2286 (£381 a night). I mean you do get a £70 daily breakfast certificate included which may sway your vote?


  • 28% saving booking The Laguna direct
  • 45% saving booking The Ritz-Carlton direct
  • 28% saving booking W Bali direct
  • 9% more expensive boking The St. Regis direct

There are some wallet opening deals there to be had for sure, I’ll be pulling the trigger on W Bali. Although 45% discount is a very good offer to pass-up on with The Ritz-Carlton, I’m relatively young and like the look of W. Remember, you can book dates all the way to May 31st 2021 which you can read as; the end of term 2nd April – 18th April for those of you with minions.

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