Mauritius is NOT The Place to Use Your BA AmEx 241 On

Imagine this, you spend your £10,000 on 1 credit card within the year.

You collect 150,000 (180,000 Peak Times) Avios points. You actually manage to find availability probably by looking 355 days in advance.

You pay the £260 per person Taxes and Fees.

You also pay £349 per person that BA decides to charge you in “Surcharges” but is in actual fact them charging you to use your Avios.

You do all of this, and despite the description which British Airways offers, the business class seat that you get for your trip to Mauritius onboard a Boeing 777 is a seat that was first introduced in 2006 and hasn’t changed since then!

Whilst on the face of it (if you compare to the cash price) you are getting incredible value for your Avios at a rate of 3.75p per Avios and by using the BA AmEx 241 voucher doubling it to 7.5p per Avios, with such a poor product that British Airways offer on this route, I think its a bad idea.

As nice as it would have been to have ticket 1A to Mauritius for Instagram

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