North America in Business for sub £800 return

Flying Business Class long haul is a bloody lovely experience. A bed, champagne, extra luggage, nice lounges, yada yada. From Europe, you can typically expect to pay £1300+ for a return to the East Coast of North America. West Coast you’ll be looking at £1,500+. Right now, SkyTeam (Virgin, Air France, KLM, Delta) have a sale on from quite a few places in Europe to North America.

If you haven’t a clue where to start, have a read of this post on why you would “Fly Somewhere to fly somewhere

The Deal

Get google flights open and input starting airports like Madrid (MAD), Rome (FCO) Dublin (DUB). The cheapest airport to fly from is Valencia (VLC). Put your destination as anywhere where you want to go in North America (The best value are places like Los Angeles (LAX), Seattle (SEA), Houston (IAH), Vancouver (YVR)). Make sure you have business selected then click on the date. Google is great for showing where the cheapest prices are.

You can book all the way up to May 2022.

Once you’ve found the flights you can book direct with the airline or you can save a decent chunk by booking through an online travel agent.

WARNING!!! In my opinion, all online travel agents are shite and will no doubt screw you over. They all had a chance to shine during the pandemic, instead, it shone a light on how shite they are.


Valencia to Seattle £767

Valencia to Washington, DC £777

Valencia to Houston, Texas £758

Valencia to Los Angeles £820

If the dates aren’t right for you just change them and it’ll update

Safety First

Virgin, Air France and KLM Are very good in regards to cancellations etc when booked direct. Delta I’m not too sure. When booking through a travel agent, you can kiss the money goodbye if anything bad happens (Based solely on my experience)

Wrap It Up

I’m not going to come out with bold claims like “Only a little more than economy” as it’s not. In reality, the flights are pretty much twice the price of economy, but they’re the same price as premium economy and that’s what makes it a good deal. For me personally, I’d be booking Houston, Texas and try and time it around a rocket launch. Either that or Washington, DC in March for Cherry Blossom (For the gram).

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