Qatar Airways First Class Lounge, Doha

Realistically there is a very niche target demographic for this lounge. That is, OneWorld Emerald member, traveling in Economy or premium economy. You see if you were traveling in business class you would use the Al Mourjan lounge. If traveling first class you would use the Al Safwa lounge. Both of which are state of the art and rivaled by few.

The reason it is this way is so that Qatar Airways can claim they have a lounge for OneWorld Emerald members to keep the OneWorld Alliance happy without having to give access to their actual first-class lounge the Al Safwa.

AccessOneWorld First Class ticket holders or OneWorld Emerald status holders
Opening TimesMonday-Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours
LocationTurn left at the huge teddy, there’s an elevator next to Harrods. Take that to the second floor.


If you need to catch a few zzz’s make sure you bag you “bed” as soon as you get a chance. There are only 6 items of furniture you can lie fully stretched out on comfortably and they are typically in high demand. If you don’t mind sleeping on your back the 2 closest in the picture are extremely comfy, I mean I just put a solid 4 hours uninterrupted sleep in on one. Alternatively, if you’re a side sleeper the 4 little booths will see you right. It’s a relatively dark area compared with the rest of the lounge and whilst being close to the door there isn’t too much noise.


Dining is split into 2 areas. There’s a little area at the very back of the lounge with 8 tables where you will find the self-service buffet.

At the self-service buffet there’s usually always 2 soups as a starter (1 vegetarian) and 4 mains to choose from (Again at least 1 vegetarian option). In this instance, you had a choice of

  • Farfalle pasta with creamy spinach sauce
  • Chicken ouzi
  • Vegetable stroganoff
  • Pilau rice

Let the record state the farfalle pasta with creamy spinach sauce which was delicious.

The selection of salads and desserts. I think what Qatar Airways have done is offer a limited selection of the food that is on offer in the Al Mourjan lounge.

The alternative dining area is near the coffee stand. Handy if you like your coffee but a hindrance as it is a bit of a walk back from the buffet when carrying food. I’d only really recommend sitting here when the main area is full.


You’re spoiled for choice. Should you not want one of the 24 leather, low backed, super deep, comfy armchairs, all with reading lamps, power sockets and tables at hand.

You have 20 leather low slung stools with the same reading lamps, power sockets, and tables. or if that doesn’t take your fancy there are another 2 or 3 options on chair choice.


An essential for me in airport lounges. There are only 2 showers available in the lounge so unless it’s very quiet you should be expecting to be on a waitlist. In my experience, for every person ahead of you allow 20 minutes, the cleaner will come and collect you when it is your turn.

They’re great showers, very clean and high powered. Because the room is fairly small, when you walk in or out of the shower with it turned off it’s very warm. Toiletries are provided by Rituals in case you’re flying without your washbag.

Final thoughts

It’s a bit of a cop-out what Qatar Airways have done. In their home airport rather than show OneWorld members with status what standards they can expect when flying premium seats with Qatar, they have just tried to save on money. It’s a good lounge and if it was anywhere else I’d be more than happy visiting it for a few hours, it’s just they have so much nicer lounges at Doha that you can only access when flying Business or First Class.

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