Rosewood London Goes All Mexican

Rosewood Hotel Group may be taking over Italy, Saudi Arabia, China, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Qatar, St Bart’s, Thailand, et al but Mexico is taking over Rosewood London, more specifically their courtyard. In collaboration with Patrón Tequila, La Veranda aims to deliver a pure Mexican vibe in the heart of the big smoke.

Whether it’s heads of; state, record labels or studios, the global elite see Rosewood as a sanctuary and somewhere to call home when in London. Truth be told, Rosewood London is one of only 3 hotels I aspire to stay at along with Cap Rocat, Mallorca and The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland. This is partly down to the excellent behind-the-scenes view Managing Director Michael Bonsor gives on his Instagram but mainly the fastidious approach they seem to have with attention to detail. Things like embroidering your initials into your pillowcase for example… a totally unnecessary small detail but I have no doubt it gives the feeling of true luxury. All of that plus their “Wellington Wednesdays” are supposed to be heavenly.

Now I started the year off with a random First Class trip to Mexico for a good few weeks and loved it, so recently whilst in London checking out a few Private Members clubs, I thought I’d swing by Rosewood for breakfast and see what it was all about.

First impressions as I enter the courtyard… wow! I’m not sure why I’m surprised but I am. The attention to detail, the cost! it most certainly has to be an eye-watering figure for a “pop-up” transformation of this quality.

Encompassed by 5 stories of original Edwardian blockwork the hustle and bustle of central London is blocked out leaving a calm tranquil environment that is the Rosewood courtyard.

How calm and tranquil you ask? well with the exception of a helicopter flying over once every few hours, streams and splashes are the soundtracks to your soirée.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned at the start, I was at Rosewood for breakfast. A huge oversight on my part given that the above menu is served from mid-day. I do however plan on rectifying this mistake at the end of the month when I next travel down from The Lake District. That’s how confident I am in the quality of food Rosewood serves. Certainly somewhere I’d recommend sampling over the summer.

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