Sherpa, the end to the Covid faff

People who say travel is back to normal are lying. Normality is grabbing your passport, maybe filling in a visa and then jetting off without a care in the world which clearly isn’t the case. The paperwork, testing, etc all faff and make the joy of travel an unpleasant experience. Sherpa looks to change that and it’s bloody good!

As someone who is unvaccinated (I caught covid in January 2020 on my way back from the Caribbean so probably had a much better natural immunity than what an injection would have given me) travel is a good bit more restrictive. That isn’t to say if you are vaccinated you have it easy (You’ll still need to test before you can enter 131 countries and are still banned from 25).

With a birthday coming up soon, I wanted to see where I could go. Ideally, I don’t really want to have to test but if it’s for somewhere good, I’ll take the joust to the brain cell via the nasal cavity. Changing the filter to not vaccinated I am presented with 6 countries where there are 0 restrictions and you can travel as if it was normal times:

  • Andorra, a good shout but ski season is over and it’ll still be cold.
  • Costa Rica and El Salvador are much longer flights than I fancied.
  • Jersey, that’ll be freezing at this time of year.
  • Mexico, Ive only just come back from there.
  • Vatican City, nope!

I guess I’ll have to get the ramming rod up the nose then and chose one of the 72 countries available to go to with just a test.

When you hover over a country it tells you what is required. Greece for example just requires a negative covid test to enter. Clicking on a country goes further into detail as to what exactly is required should the test be a PCR, a lateral flow etc.


Sherpa gives you all the info as to what you need to get into each country all in one place. If you are feeling fruity and don’t know where you want to go, it presents options to you based on what hoops you’re willing to jump through. I like it and am just about to book a quick getaway to either Greece or Croatia because of it.

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