The Best Beaches of Martinique

19 miles wide and 41 miles long your choices of Des Plages are not limited on Martinique. If you are dedicating a full day as a beach day, you want to make sure you’re going to the best beach. Here’s my list of beaches I’d happily make a long detour to spend a bit of time at.

Grande Anse des Salines

The most southerly beach of Martinique spans a mile long of golden real estate. Chances are, if you’ve seen a photo of a beach from Martinique, it will have been Grande Anse des Salines. During the week its bliss but come weekends, avoid it like the plague. Troves of locals head south for some R&R, you can’t blame them really but when you add it to all the tourist’s it’s carnage.

Grand Terres

I’m cheating a little with this one as its right next to Plage des Salines. However, It is a totally separate beach with a different vibe. The views I would argue are much better looking onto the lighthouse a,d the waves are much larger, say if you wanted to surf.

Side note, if travelling from Plage des Salines to Grand Terres, as you go past the restaurant, there is a bench. It’s my secret place as the best view on the island. Think Spielberg’s “The Goonies”, just with much better weather.

Anse Noire

If you’re a good bit on the unfit side (I’m talking the sight of your staircase at home and you’re prepping the defib’ paddles), this isn’t for you. As you descend the 6 mile (Citation required – writers exaggeration) staircase the views are magnificent.

A long boardwalk spans from the almost barren jet black beach. If turtles are your jam, pack a snorkel, this is the place you want to be.

Plage de L’ Anse Mitan

Asterisk on this one. That isn’t actually the name of the beach but the little village. If you type it in on google maps though you’ll see the tiny beach. To reiterate, TINY BEACH… That being said the water is as clear as an IV drip. A beautiful place to sunbath and swim. Consider it to be a bit of a small hidden gem.

Plage du Carbet

One that I almost forgot about but takes the crown for me. It’s on the West coast towards the North of the island. The road to it is reminiscent to the one descending into Garda from the Dolomites. The water is a nice temperature, the beach has perfect sand, the waves are just nice. Your stereotypical postcard beach. Best of all there’s a bar there serving cocktails with Spanish measures, coupled with a sunset and you’re sure to make some memories.

La Française

“Why the fuck have we docked here‽”. That’s what I overheard in a thick New York accent whilst walking around the ferry port. The slight bit of compassion for tourist’s visiting on cruise ships soon left. If they had done a bit of research they could be at one of the many beautiful places on Martinique, instead, they’re sat on this shit beach with murky water because of the cruise ships.

Plage de La Bréche

Without a doubt, the quietest beach on the island coupled with perfect sand you’re bound to love it. The only reason it doesn’t get my vote for the best beach is the water is too choppy, you want to go from sunbathing on the sand to taking a quick dip effortlessly which you cant. A bit of a shame but if all you’re after is perfect sand and seclusion to read a book, put it on your list.

Hopefully, this comes in handy if ever you’re ever on a Caribbean cruise or maybe put’s Martinique on your radar.

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