£177 to Cancun for 6-13 nights with a big old asterisk

Having searched and successfully found some areas to visit in Quintana Roo other than Cancun I started to look for flights. A quick search on ExpertFlyer revealed the cheapest fair available was £11 with TAP (You then add your taxes etc onto that) so I knew there was a deal to be had somewhere.

Next up was google flights, searching the calendar from Heathrow to Cancun with TAP as the chosen airline. A minute later and ta-dah, £190 return in economy. Yes this involves 1 day in Lisbon on the outbound and it’s hand luggage only, but cheap cheap.


Typically i will always say book direct as online travel agents are scumbags and dont deserve your money. Given that the fare is a discounted economy it’s likely to be just as much hassle dealing with TAP as it is a travel agent. so go for the cheapest option.

The Dates

Load google flights up and have a search. When you find the dates you like, head over to Skyscanner and get the cheapest options. I found most of May and June with stays ranging from 6 to 13 nights all for the same £176. To save you time looking, here’s a link to some example dates. Just make sure when you’re searching there’ll be an option for £132 but that is basically land into Cancun then get the next flight back home. Unless you’re an absolute savage who loves flying, flying in economy too I may add, then that’s a no go.

Hand Luggage Only

They’re hand luggage only fares and whilst Cancun is typically 30°, TAP are fairly lenient so you won’t have to pack just mankinis/bikinis.


Yeah there’s “The 19” to contend with. Will you be allowed anywhere by May/June next year? who knows?

My Take

Given that it’s less than half the costs of any other airline, to me it’s worth booking. The only thing that’s got my head in a pickle, Tulum or Belize?

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