Lowepro DroneGuard CS150

Own any iteration of the DJI Mavic drone or know someone who does? You’ll want this.

The Issue

No matter which iteration of Mavic that was released the gimbal mechanisms (The camera unit) has always been fragile. Yes, they come with a “Protective” cover but I bet if you threw it in your backpack you would be fishing the parts out after a short hike. Not ideal when they cost up to £1500 and a new gimbal will run you £400 in repairs.

The Solution

A 23cm x 19.5cm x 12cm tank of a box. Weighing very little the hard-shelled, soft foam padded internals perfectly hold any of the DJI Mavics along with the controller. No space for either to wiggle around and break which means you can leave the thumbsticks attached for quick deployment.

Should you be the kind to fly a little close to objects you can even store a few spare propellers and an extra battery.


For the sake of £30-40, it’s a must purchase if you own a drone. Even if you’re the type of person who only takes pictures with their phone whilst travelling. Buy it then you can just throw it in your backpack without having to worry about your drone breaking.

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