£185 Paris to Montreal with LEVEL (HBO)

Level Airlines have a stellar deal going on at the minute departing from Orly Airport in Paris to Montreal, Quebec, best of all the dates are fairly wide open.

Head to LEVEL and chose your starting airport as Paris with your destination as Montreal. Choose any random dates you like and hit search.

Once your search has loaded, click on month view and have a look through for dates or prices that suit you.

You’ll want to be looking for the £85 inbound flights for the cheapest deal.

Voila, £185 from April through to October, if you’re single this valentine’s day, there’s plenty of cheap dates available for you to pick from.

The catch you say? hand luggage only. If you’re a crafty packer though it’s a hell of a deal and LEVEL’s seats are rather comfortable. You can read about that here.

Orly airport is a fairly easy one to reach from the UK be it using points with larger airlines or with the likes of Ryanair on the cheap. You could even turn it into a 2 in 1 trip and hit up Paris…

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