£520 LON to JFK in BA’s Premium Economy

If ever you wanted a chance at an upgrade, this would be a flight to book. Whilst deciding a few days ago I wasn’t going to do a post on BA’s current sale from London to USA in Premium Economy, something has just twigged. With it being big news on the internet it’s now a blinder of a deal, not because of the price but because of the chances to get upgraded.

You see, Premium Economy is British Airways smallest cabin. In layman’s terms that means they often sell all of their seats in Prem Econ and then some. Plus they also offer Economy passengers the chance to pay to upgrade, what happens then if someone takes them up on that offer on a flight where Prem Econ is sold out? That’s right, someone is getting bumped from Prem Econ to Business. The picture above, for example, Premium Economy on BA’s A380. The largest aircraft in the skies, it had been oversold leading me to be upgraded to Business coming home from Los Angeles.

To search for the deals, head to Google flights, Have your journey starting in London (either LHR or LGW) and the destination as JFK (other destinations available, see below). Change the travel class from Economy to Premium Economy then see the dates that come up. The minimum is 3 nights for this deal.

The dates are quite limited March, October, November and December. The good thing about Google Flights is how you are shown the prices dynamically, updating when you change the length of trip, month, etc.

Other Deals

  • Austin – from £675
  • Boston – from £593
  • Chicago – from £674
  • Denver – from £700
  • Las Vegas – from £748
  • Los Angeles – from £693
  • Nashville – from £697
  • Orlando – from £703
  • Philadelphia – from £656
  • Pittsburgh – from £594
  • San Francisco – from £633
  • San Jose – from £633
  • Seattle – from £679
  • Tampa – from £703
  • Washington DC – from £672

2 choices of aircraft for New York specifically, the Boeing 777 which has recently been refitted with the latest Premium Economy seat or the Boeing 747. Personally, I’d pick the 747 in the hope that an elusive upgrade came and you could snag a seat in the upper deck. If you aren’t one for taking a gamble, play it safe and go for the Boeing 777 flights.

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