£279 Return to Hawaii into 2022

This all started with eating far too many cakes last night and waking up at 3AM with the dryest mouth known to man. After downing a good litre I came across some first class flights from Sudan to Auckland, New Zealand for just over £1,000 return with Emirates.

Fast forward 4 hours and as I’m about to go back to sleep I see on Expert Flyer that the base fare from Amsterdam to any island in Hawaii is £1.

By the time you add all your taxes and everything on you’ll be at £279. With travel into the new year and flights normally being £550-600, it’s a very good deal to be had.

The Dates

Book your outbound and inbound flights for between the below dates for at least 6 nights:

  • 17/02/21 – 17/06/21
  • 29/08/21 – 15/12/21 
  • 08/01/22 – 06/04/22
  • 19/04/22 – 16/06/22 
  • 28/08/22 – 14/12/22 

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