Cheap flights out of Sudan…

What happens when a countries inflation hits 300%? the government devalues their currency. Step forward Sudan as a place to pick up some absolutely blinding deals.

The deals

Ive rushed this out even though i’ve know about it for 14 hours now. Theres links and everything to make it properly simple to find a dream holiday.

You can start with the simple and very cheap ones like

Business Class Return with Egypt to Washington DC for £351 (October 2021)

Again Washington but in Jan 2022

Buisness Class return with Egypt Air to New York for £392 (January 2022)

Or you can go east to asia

Singapore Airlines Business Class to Singapore for £576 (Jan 2022)

Singapore Airlines Business to Bali for £483 (Nov 2021)

Maybe you’d prefer Emirates Business to Bali for £556 (Nov 2021)

Emirates or Singapore to Hong Kong for £491 in Business (Nov 2021)

Emirates FIRST CLASS to Hong Kong one way £497 (Jan 2021)

Emirates FIRST CLASS to Singapore one way £525 (Jan 2021)

The whole hog, why not

Singapore Airlines Business to Auckland return for £655 (Jan 2021)

Singapore Business to Sydney return for £789 (Emirates +£20) (Jan 2021)

Singapore Business to Brisbane for £765 (Jan 2021)

Singapore Airlines Business return to Adelaid £725 (Jan 2021)

Emirates First Class to Sydney one way £737 (Jan 2021)

For the tier point runners amongst you or those who want to try out Qatar and their Q Suite

Edinburgh return in Business Class on Qatar Airways £627 (September 21)

Edinburgh 1 way with Qatar £290 (September 2021)


The majority of the flights go well into 2022 so you know, less wuflu. Get them booked quick before they go. My advice would be Auckland or Brisbane is Business return then Qatar Airways one way for a trip home all for about £1,000.

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