BA Executive Club Status Extension

It’s finally happened, several months after pretty much all airlines extended their status for loyal members, BA have finally cottoned on extending all member statuses by 12 months (if your renewal date falls between July 2020 to June 2021)

The elusive email

Why did it take them so long?

I have a feeling it was down to past experience. A couple of years ago BA extended Everybody’s status for 1 year as a sorry for the BA IT meltdown. I think the majority of those people then went on to fly with other airlines as they knew their status was locked in.

Will you stay loyal?

For me, this email is perfectly timed. I was making my plans on how to jump ship from BA and OneWolrd over to Virgin and SkyTeam. My view was I spend a good amount of money to become and stay Gold. If I cant use them privileges for a 12 month period it’s a waste and my money is clearly appreciated somewhere else.

Now that they have extended it, I will continue to pump money into OneWorld airlines. Even more so now with the below.

Going for the next tier?

Your damn right I will be. Here’s the low down. BA has reduced the number of tier points required for your next renewal by 25%. Here’s the post explaining the benefits of each level.

  • Bronze required 225 Tier Points or 18 Flights.
  • Silver requires 450 Tier Points or 37 Flights.
  • Gold requires 1150 Tier points
  • Gold Guest List Renewal 2250 Tier Points
  • Gold Guest List + Concorde Room 3750 Tier Points

In my opinion, that’s how you get people to stay loyal. They know they are safe for 12 months but to get them to stay flying with you, make it easier for them to reach the next tier up.

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