The British Airways Executive Club

First things first, its free to join so get signed up here now if you’re not already.

The BAEC for short is British Airways loyalty program. Its one of the easier programs to get your head around so let’s dive in.

Avios points

These are points you earn from shopping, credit cards, flying with BA or other OneWorld partner airlines, etc or you can just buy them. these are the points you can use to spend with BA for things like flights, upgrades, seat selection, food on short-haul routes, etc.

Tier Points

These are points that can only be earned flying with BA or OneWorld Partners. They can’t be purchased or transferred from anyone else. Here’s everything you need to know about Tier Points.



This is the tier you begin with when you first sign up to the BAEC. There are no benefits per se to being Blue. You are now able to collect Avios and Tier Points along with saving your details and seat preferences, being able to have the mobile app. British Airways states that you’ll have access to exclusive offers, in the 4 years of having a BAEC account I haven’t once had an exclusive offer.


Requiring either 300 Tier Points or 25 BA flights. Along with all the perks from Blue, you also get business class check-in, not just with BA but all OneWorld Airlines and priority boarding (from memory I think you board with group 5 of 8). You also receive 25% extra Avios points on all BA flights and some OneWorld Partner Airlines. Another perk which is quite useful, you get to select a seat 7 days before departure which means you get the jump on people who are Blue or nonmembers. This is for everyone on your booking, note that exit row seats are only available to book for free 24 hours before departure.


Requiring either 600 Tier Points with at least 4 BA flights or 50 BA flights. This is the level where things start getting really good. We’re talking Business Class lounge access for you and a guest. 2 Pieces of checked luggage up to 32KG per bag. Being able to choose your seat for everyone on your booking, at the time of booking. The exception being long haul exit rows. A dedicated phone line so when changes need to be made or you need to speak to someone your wait time is massively reduced. you also get all of Blu and Bronze plus you get 50% bonus Avios on BA and some OneWorld partner airlines. You also board with group 3 of 8 I believe.


Requiring 1500 Tier points and at least 4 BA flights. First Class lounges for you and a guest, First Class Check-in for everyone on the booking. Access to Elemis Spa treatments at LHR and JFK subject to availability. Seat selection for everyone on your booking at the time of booking with no limitations. That means you have access to 1A & 1K when flying First Class and exit row seats on long haul. They even allow you to let your friends and family who aren’t on the same booking as you but on the same flight choose their seats. An additional checked bag for everyone on the booking. The dedicated Gold Line when you ring they answer straight away. Priority boarding in group 1 of 8. 100% bonus Avios on BA and some OneWorld partner airlines. Another cool feature, when you go to book an Avios Redemption Flight more than 30 days out and there is no availability in the class you want. As long as there is a ticket for sale you can use double the Avios to secure the ticket. You have to call up to be able to do so but some times this is incredible for things like Champions League finals etc where ticket prices become astronomical.

Gold Guest List

Requiring 5000 Tier points and at least 4 BA flights. You’ll get all the benefits of Gold plus at 2500 tier points you’ll receive a Gold Upgrade for 2 voucher which lets you upgrade yourself and companion on the same flight up to the next class if there is reward availability. At 3500 Tier Points, you’ll receive 2 Gold Upgrade for 1 which lets you upgrade 1 class if there is reward availability. You’ll receive the Concorde Room Card. This gives you access to LHR Terminal 5 Concorde room, JFK Terminal 7 Concorde Room, SIN Concorde Bar, and IAD Concorde Bar. These lounges are the best BA has to offer. You will also receive 1 Gold membership and 2 Silver memberships to give to whoever you like. To be able to requalify for GGL you need to hit 3000 Tier Points not 5000 however you’ll need the 5000 for the CCR card.


One for the A-Listers. It’s invite-only. There are a few things you can do however to increase your chances of being invited if your name isn’t Brad Pitt or you don’t have HRH before your name. There are rumours that if you are hitting above 5000 Tier Points a year for a decent amount of time i.e. 5 years and upwards you may receive an invite. Also if you’re the kind of person who’s spending or controlling a few ¬£Million of a travel budget, you’ll no doubt get a call. It terms of the benefits, how about BA holding a plane at the gate for you if you’re running late. Or if you’re fancying a specific flight that has no availability, BA Will offload a passenger so you can get a seat. Use of any of BA’s lounges even if you’re not flying BA or OneWorld Partner Airlines. Gift someone Gold and also be able to bring in 2 guests to lounges, not just 1. You also receive a Gold Upgrade for 2 voucher

Gold For Life

Once you hit 35000 Tier Points from the time you open your account you’ll be Gold For Life. You don’t have to worry about requalifying every year or anything like that.

Gold Guest List For Life

85000 Tier Points required from the time you open your account. Just like Gold For Life you don’t have to requalify or any of that faf.

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