Business Class Paris to Brisbane £951 with Star Alliance

Brisbane is amazing but often overlooked because of Sydney. My take on it is, unless you are going to look for P. Sherman, I’d go Brisbane over Sydney any day of the week. And with the exchange rate being the highest it’s been in 4 years you get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Get yourself over to Google Flights, Change it to business class, have the departure as Paris and the destination as Brisbane (You can even book to Sydney for the same price, but Brisbane is better).

The dates are available up until June. I just chose 7 days as I don’t like being in one place too long.

Choose your flights and make sure they’re all correct then you can simply click through to Expedia.

You’ll want google translate if, like me, you didn’t pay too much attention in French lessons. And that’s that, for an additional £200 you are flying to Austalia in business instead of economy. Enjoy the beds, champagne, showers, etc.

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