Budapest to Hawaii £450 in Business Class with SkyTeam

Kona, Hawaii. Good luck finding somewhere nicer. Airlines are currently losing money hand over fist. Good news for us customers then, not only are rediculous prices happening but with the flexibility to rebook and cancel for free in some instances. Like most deal post’s I make, this will be short as I don’t think it will be around for long.

Get onto Google Flights, set the departure as BUD and the destination as KOA (If you’re crafty, you can go to the US, LAX, JFK, et al, Or Canada YVR etc for cheap too). Make sure you swap it to business class. Then you can click on the calendar to see when is good. Dates are available all the way through to next year.

Then, head over to Momondo type your dates in and get it booked.

Remember to pack your snorkel!

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