How to achieve Globalist (Top Status) with Hyatt

My first stay with Hyatt was only last year and it blew me away. What compounded that was the fact the Hyatt Centric Milan Centrale isn’t even in Hyatt’s flagship range, it’s more their mediocre brand. From then on, I started to include Hyatt’s in my search when looking to book hotels for travel.

What becomes apparent when searching is that Hyatt properties are typically at least 10-15% more expensive than competing hotels making it hard to justify the extra spend.

Here’s something to tip you over the edge…

Complimentary upgrades to a suite when checking in.

I personally read this as book the cheapest room they offer and you’ll end up in a suite which would have cost a hell of a lot more. This isn’t a guarantee but you have to find youself to be extremely unluck for there to be no availability.

Waived Resort Fees.

If you’ve ever had to book a hotel in America, you’ll know the ones. Where you book at one price then they add a “resort fee” on to the bill for every night you’ve stayed there. You look the £30+ per night fee and hold back remarks like “WITAF!!! It’s a hotel not f#@!ing Disney Land”. We’ll theyre gone.

Complimentary Breakfast or Club Access + Extended Check In/Out.

I’d say complimentary breakfast each morning will save you atleast £30 a day as a couple. The Club lounge access is pretty neat, some locations even offer free cocktails and alcoholic drinks at certain hours. Early check in for when you land into a country at stupid oclock in the morning. Lates checkout upto 16:00 for when you really want a lie in.

Small Luxury Hotels benefits.

  • Complimentary continental breakfast for a couple every day.
  • Room upgrade 1 class (If available)
  • Early check in (12:00)
  • Late check out (14:00)
  • Free WiFi

All of the above come as perks with the Globalist status of World of Hyatt loyalty program.

How to get your mittens on World Of Hyatt Globalist status until March 1st 2023.

Register for World Of Hyatt then add this promotion to your account

I’ll preface by saying, it isn’t for the faint-hearted. Typically you’ll need 60 nights stay at Hyatt properties before December 31st each year. Times is hard though so Hyatt reduced the criteria requiring 30 nights stay.

Because times is hard they are currently offering a promotion where your nights count as double. Those 30 nights that you need to complete get cut in half to 15 if you stack the reduced nights and the double night’s credit together.

To cut through the waffle.

You’ll need to book 15 nights of stays where you check out between Jan 1st 2021 – Feb 28th 2021. If you can manage that, you’ll have gained Globalist with Hyatt until March 1st 2023! I’d never normally push for hotel status but with over 2 years of top status with an incredible chain of hotels, this is my exception.


There’s currently a promotion with AmEx if you spend £300 or more at Hyatt you get £100 back. This expires December 31st so what you can do is book a stay from December 31st then have the check out date in the new year and it will qualify for double nights and also £100 back on £300 spends.

Here are some hotels worth looking at on the cheap for the first week of Jan to set you off:

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