Hyatt Centric Milan Centrale

This review is being written as the sun sets on my final evening of a 3-night stay here at the Hyatt Centric Milan Centrale. There isn’t really a more apt location right now than the rooftop terrace, and I guess with it being a cocktail bar it would be rude not to have a screwdriver sat beside me.


Situated 6 minutes by foot from Milan’s main Centrale Station (less if you take a ‘Rari), it’s fair to say it is fairly easy to access. That there is the first issue, although close to the main train station it’s actually a 30-40 min walk to the centre of Milan. By centre, I mean what most people would consider the centre, Piazza Del Duomo.

The Room

Throughout my stay, I was in a Premium Suite which is only outdone by there Terrace Suite. I’ll be honest it’s on the smaller side of the majority of suites I’ve stayed in.

Don’t take that as me saying it’s small, the bed is huge, as is the bathroom. It’s just most suites have at least a sofa or sometimes another room.

Speaking of the bathroom, the shower was huge, more than enough space for 2. In terms of the showerhead, it was what I’d consider being a proper job, probably 400mm square. Sidenote, if given the opportunity go for a lower floor. The reason being, I found the water pressure in the shower on level 8 like a pressure washer, level 10, however, the pressure dropped a lot.

In terms of toiletries, they supply ample amounts that are replenished daily. Marie Danielle is the chosen brand.

Whilst the TV was good quality and pretty much perfect in terms of positioning, the channel selection for English TV was poor. About half a dozen news channels and that’s it.

One thing the rooms have dialled in though is the practicality. It irks me that some hotels have like 2 plug sockets and they’re nowhere near anywhere useful. Depending on my mood I’d even physically move the bed to the nearest plug socket. None of that palaver here I counted 7 power sockets, 2 at the desk, 2 either side of the bed and one next to the door. All easily accessible, all with plenty of surface area next to them.

Here’s one thing you won’t typically find in a suite, a Turkish Bath. Though I haven’t used it (Not a clue what it does), it’s there, with simple to follow instructions too. Very random, but if that’s your jam…

The Rooftop Terrace

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the hotels selling points. There’s a clear metropolitan vibe and with it being surrounded the likes of BNP Paribas, Suisse Credit, IBM, et al, it makes sense.

The terrace is split into 3 sections, the north is a “Restaurant” setting with just under a dozen tables and chairs for a bite to eat.

The middle third is taken up by the bar, elevators, and toilettes.

The southern third (thought realistically feels more like half) is all comfy sofa’s footrests and mini tables. Being a proper terrace the roof is retractable thus when the weather is good of an evening it stays uncovered. There isn’t one light above 20cm from the ground, immersing you with your surroundings yet still being able to figure out where the hell the floor is to leave. I was going to say “to find your way to the bar” but as its table/sofa service staffed by 6 people, you don’t have to worry about that. Whilst we’re on the staff, name a drink and they’ll have it made, very competent indeed.

The Lobby

If there are a few parties involved a decent lobby is a must. You know the whole situation, a WhatsApp saying meet in the lobby in 10 mins, then someone takes 30 mins… Comfy, air-conditioned, situated to the side so no through traffic. A plethora of decent reading and self serve complimentary refreshments.

The Gym

If you’re the kind of person that likes to move metal the gym has all the basics covered. Dumbells from 5kg (5kg increments), treadmills, bench, multigym, TV, bike, a mirror for keeping the vanity in order, water fountain, etc

The Spa

I’m torn on this. Having sat and thought about it for a good 20 mins. I wasn’t going to post any images or content on the spa, thus not ruining the surprise? I was simply going to leave it by saying “without a doubt, it should be the reason to book this hotel”. But I guess you’re here for information so here goes…

Opening hours for guests are from 11:00 to 23:00. You don’t have to book a slot but you do have to go to reception so that your room key can be activated to use it each day. For none guests the hours are limited to 17:30-23:00 and you are charged €15 per person for 2 hours of access.

The pool is the star of the show. 30-40 meters long with shelf seating all the way around. It’s dark, despite what the picture shows, it will take you a good 2-3 minutes for your eyes to adjust.

There’s a cut out into another room which, though difficult to believe, is even darker than the main area. Again shelf seats all the way around.

There are 3 spouts around the pool that are activated by a push-button. They supply a high powered jet of water for a few minutes, great for a shoulder and upper back massage.

The Breakfast

Served from 07:00 to midday you’ve plenty of time to have a nice lie-in. If you don’t have it included with your stay or if you aren’t World Of Hyatt Globalist status I don’t think I’d recommend paying the 18 Euro per person fee that they charge. A proper full Continental breakfast awaits, we’re talking hams, turkey, pastries, yoghurts, cereals, fruit, loaves of bread. They also cater to those of us that aren’t as “continental” with crispy bacon, local sausages, hard-boiled eggs, fried potatoes, beans, etc.

The coffee is provided as part of the table service but the tea is BYOT (brew your own tea). Hey, it’s not like they don’t offer a decent selection thought.

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