How To Do Milan


Ideally, you want to be flying into Milan Linate (LIN). It’s Milan’s original airport and only 5 miles from the centre. There’s a direct train from the airport into the city for €5 which takes less than 30 minutes. Milan Malpensa (MXP) and Milan Bergamo (BGY) are each 30+ miles away and a bit of a chore to get to and from. Even with there being direct train links, it still takes well over an hour for €8.


Uber is a no go here taxies are way cheaper! The reason being you can only have Uber Black, Lux or Van due to the standard of vehicle required to obtain a license in Italy. Even so, a lot of people still use Uber which creates a lot of price surges due to demand.

Tier Electric Scooters, without doubt, the cheapest, most convenient and fun way to explore the city.

When you download their app, it will show you a map with all the locations of the scooters. If you click on one it will show you how much battery it has remaining and how far away it is.

Running at a rate of €1 initial rental then 15 cents per minute it takes a while for it to get anywhere near the starting cost of a taxi.

They do have a maximum speed of 20km/h although you can get above this if going downhill. Word of warning, Milan does have geographical speed restrictions in place and the scooter knows this. Some areas are limited to 10km/h and some as low as 5km/h. The good news is I think there’s only 4-5 smallish areas so nothing much to worry about.


If you’re looking for a Primark I’m afraid Milan isn’t for you. Over 10 miles from the city center to get to one.

If you have plenty of money and haven’t a clue how to spend it though, Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II is where you want to be. Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel et-al.

Again if you have plenty of money but this time you actually have a clue, North West of Basilica San Carlo A Corso. Streets like Via Pietro Verri, Via Monte Napoleone, that’s where you want to be. The boutiques of Dior, Celine, Valentino, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Cartier, Patek Phillipe. They are all there down alleyways and back streets, just don’t be alarmed if you see heavily armed security walking around.

Terrazza Duomo 21

An ideal place to come and chill out with a few cocktails after spending hours on your feet exploring.

It isn’t a place you’re going to stumble across, I mean this is the entrance… As you’re facing Duomo di Milano, it’s on your left but before you get to the entrance of Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II.

Its a really nice venue with decent sized terrace to people watch and soak up the sun whilst you drink and nibble. Cocktails are around €15 which is typical for most cities but given the view, you’d expect them to be higher.

If you do fancy a proper meal whilst at Terrazza Duomo 21, take the elevator up 1 more floor and you’ll be in Michelin Starred Felix Lo Basso. If 1 Michelin star isn’t enough, in the elevator, down 1 floor, round the corner and you have Vun Andrea Aprea with its 2 Michelin Stars.


It has to be Briscola Pizza Society. Simple rustic pizza and they even do a sharing option where you get 2 8″ pizzas, perfect if you’re undecided on which topping to choose.


Miscusi the best pasta you will eat outside of either Valeggio sul Mincio or Volta Mantovana and unlike the shopping, won’t cost you a fortune

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