Inverness Airport

Real talk, Inverness is a trek, regardless as to where you live. It’s another 3 hours north of Edinburgh so probably has never come up on your radar as a place to fly from. When flying long haul though, it may make financial sense to make the journey north.


Short StayLong Stay
up to 10 mins – Free
10 mins – 1 hour – £4.50
1 – 3 hours – £7.50
3-12 hours – £12.00
12-24 hours – £15.00
4 days – £40.00
5 days – £48.00
6 days – £56.00
7 days – £64.00
8 days – £71.00
9 days – £78.00
10 days – £85.00
11 days – £92.00
12 days – £99.00
13 days – £106.00
14 days – £113.00

Alternatively, if you want to save a few quid, don’t use the airport parking. A lot of people, including myself, save their money and park on the grass or road as outlined in red.


Typically airports are in 3 sections. You have the main lobby, where you would check-in, drop your bags, etc. The departures area after security. Then finally the arrivals area, where you collect your luggage and walk through the doors to family and friends in your own Love Actually moment.

Inverness is slightly different. With it being so small there are just 2 areas, The departures area after security and the main hall which is also the arrivals area.

In the main hall pre-security clearance, you have one large area with separate sections for dining, lounging and drinking.

There’s one main restaurant/bar pre-security screening, D’Lish. I couldn’t tell you the quality of the food, what I can tell you is it’s bloody expensive! £2.50 for some toast…

Checking In

For all airlines that depart out of Inverness, the check-in counters open 2 hours before the flight departure time. Out of nowhere, it can get very busy, so unless you have status, I’d recommend queueing a T-Minus 2 hours.

If you do find yourself arriving a little early, head to D’Lish, turn left, walk all the way to the end and find yourself a seat. A decent place to watch the world go by and the planes come and go.


I’ll go out on a limb here and say, probably the best airport security screening you’ll experience. The reason being? The staff that work it and throughout the rest of the airport thinking about it. Genuinely nice people that are chuft that you’re using the airport. Yes, you still have your bags searched etc, but they aren’t dicks about it. Manchester airport could learn a lesson or 2.

Post Security

Unfortunately, the pints don’t get any cheaper and the seating gets a little more uncomfortable.

There’s plenty of local produce? to be purchased, with some really nice shops selling nice hand made things.

Just like with check-in, things start to get busy and crowded.

Air Passenger Duty

One of the main reasons you should contemplate flying from Inverness. Currently, if you fly over 2,000 miles (Long Haul) from the UK you will be charged £176 per person in air passenger duty. Inverness is exempt from this tax. As a couple, you’re saving £352! Another thing worth noting, you don’t have to fly back to Inverness to keep the saving either. You could fly, INV-LHR-JFK-LHR-(EDI, GLA, NCL, MAN, etc) for example and still save the £176 per person Air Passenger Duty.

The charismatic charm of such a small airport staffed by really nice locals in a world of faceless vast entities, quaint and refreshing. Certainly worth a look when you’re next booking a flight long haul.

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