£365 Milan to The Maldives

The Deal

Straight in, no messing around as I don’t know how long this deal will last.

Qatar Airways has an amazing rate from Milan Malpensa to The Maldives in Economy. To find it, get on Google Flights, type MXP in the origin and MLE in the destination. With a minimum of 7 nights (there are some for 5 nights but few and far between).

You can get to Milan Malpensa from most places in the UK for £40 with the likes of EasyJet and Ryanair.

Once you have decided on your dates, get over to Qatar Airways and punch in your itinerary and get it booked.

Discover Qatar

If you have added a stopover in Doha on the way back (Trust me, you really should), make sure you get involved with the Qatar Stopover Program. The 5 Star Grand Hyatt I stayed at which is incredible for £23 for the night.


If you’ve got one world status, the flights are rammed so chances are, you may get bumped from Economy to business.

And with the Airbus A350-900 Flying the full journey, chances are, it’ll be a Q-Suite. Cheers

Seat Selection

And if you don’t get bumped, make sure you pick 16A when you get to the airport. Plenty of legroom and you get served food first.


Air BNB’s in the Maldives are super cheap, £20 a night in some cases. I was going to say that they don’t even look that bad, but let’s face it, you’re never going to be there. Youll probably be punching sharks or getting some mega IG content.

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