Ryanair has renamed the plane that kept on crashing in the hopes that no one notices…

What’s probably worse, they have just ordered another 75 of them taking their total order to 210.


In case you didn’t know, i’m talking about the Boeing 737-MAX. It’s the one that Indonesian airline Lion Air were using when it crashed and killed 189 people back in October 2018. If that doesn’t ring a bell, maybe you may know about the one Ethiopian Airlines were using until it crashed and killed all 157 people on board 5 months later in March 2019? Both crashes were due to the same malfunction.

There’s plenty of airlines that have them in their roster all of which where grounded. American Airlines and a few others will start to fly the ones they have, after all, they’ve probably sunk £60 million-ish into each plane. Here’s the thing though, most airlines intending to fly the 737-MAX are telling customers and giving the option to change aircraft free of charge. Full transparency and very accomodating.

Ryanair on the other hand… Good old Michael O’Leary decided ‘Now’s probably a good time to grab a bargain’, seen an opportunity to buy the 737-MAX on the super cheap given everything that happened and dove in ordering another 75.

Not only did they double down on their position, but they have also renamed their planes and tried to cover it all up. Where it would previously say 737-MAX on the nose cone it now says 737-8200.

The Civil Aviation Authority (The guys who oversee everything in UK airspace) still have a ban in place meaning airlines can’t fly them in The UK. The Federal Aviation Authority (The US equivalent) has recently lifted the ban and it won’t be long before it’s lifted in the UK.

The General Gist

By the time were all flying again, chances are the 737-MAX will be back in service in the UK and Europe. It was an aircraft that passed all regulations and still malfunctioned on 2 separate occasions and killed 346 people. If you’re flying on Ryanair keep a lookout for 737-8200 on the nose cone. Would you fly on a plane that is known throughout the industry for crashing?

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