Singapore 50% fewer points from London

Right now Singapore has reduced the number of points they require to book tickets departing from London Heathrow. By reduced I mean halved, The big old catch is that you don’t have long to book and you have to fly before November…

Where can you go?

It’s a very limited list:

  • Bangkok, Thailand (38,000 Eco Rtn – 92,000 Business Rtn)
  • Phuket, Thailand(38,000 Eco Rtn – 92,000 Business Rtn)
  • Male, Maldives (45,000 Eco Rtn – 103,500 Business Rtn)
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka (45,000 Eco Rtn – 103,500 Business Rtn)

Booking Class

Economy and Business are the 2 classes you can book. Personally, it makes absolutely 0 sense to book an economy ticket, don’t get me wrong, economy is fine with Singapore, its just Business is where you’ll get value.

The Dates?

You have to book by 8th March 2021 (Tomorrow then) for travel between now and 31st October 2021. As with everything in life, when an offer looks to good to be true.

Now, you may actually be able to make use of the bookings, it all depends when the world stops ending. Given the uncertainty, there is no guidance as to how Singapore will handle flights that are cancelled or travel restrictions.


Booking is a simple process, head to Singapore Airlines website, Log into your KrisFlyer account and instead of clicking book a flight just tap “Redeem”.

The above example is something I’ll probably book tonight. Upstairs on an A380 for 13 hours each way, a brief transfer in an incredible airport followed by a week on a beach in Thailand sounds like my kind of jam.

How to get KrisFlyer points?

The easiest way would be transferring from AmEx Membership Reward points. Currently, you get a 1-1 ratio so for every 1 AmEx point you get 1 Krisflyer Mile. Singapore is the first airline to increase it’s cost if transferring from AmEx. From April 1st 2021 you’ll get a rate of 3-2 being 3 AmEx points to KrisFlyer Miles. AmEx says it takes 15 working days to process but in reality, it’s more like 5-6 hours.

Round up

This one is a bit of a PR stunt but without the PR. The chances of many people actually being able to capitalise on this is very slim. Still, it represents a good deal in business when the same flights are close to if not more than £3,000.

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