INV-JFK £136 with Virgin, KLM & Delta

Delta and KLM are coming in with a home run with this deal. I shouldn’t really have to sell New York to you. It’s incredible and also The Observation Deck recently opened, probably worth a visit just to go up that alone.

Flying from inverness?

It’s a nice drive up and it’s probably worth it if you live north of Manchester to save a decent bit of money. Here’s a post on Inverness Airport and how to get free parking.

The Deal

I managed to find 3 nights in New York and 1 night in the ‘Dam at the back end of November. Dates are available all the way through to march but expect to pay an extra £30

Have a look through Google Flights for dates that suit you, they’re fairly sporadic.

Once you find some dates at a decent price, head over to SkyScanner, type the dates and route in and save an extra £20.

The deal is for hand luggage only in economy but it’s a steal from top class airlines.


If you do decide to pull the trigger, make Sure you hit up Mama’s Too! on the upper east side. IMHO the best pizza on Manhattan.

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