Buying Marriott points to save money on stays

Marriott currently has a promotion where you can buy points with a 40% bonus until March 22, 2021. The bonus percentage increases the higher your status with Marriott up to a maximum of 60%.

Buy Points Here

The maximum you can buy in a calendar year is 100,000 excluding bonus. That’ll be 140,000 as a new member or 160,000 as a Titanium member. For said 100,000 you’ll have to fork out $1,250. With the minimum bonus that works out at 0.89Cent a point or for us Brits 0.62 Pence a point.

Marriott Bonvoy 5th Night Free

140,000 is a good number of Marriott Bonvoy points to have. All Marriott category 5 hotels cost 35,000 points per night at a standard rate. The reason 140,000 is a good number to have is that Marriott offers the 5th night free.

Trump Turnberry is a category 5 hotel so 140,000 for 5 nights including the 1 night free. As you can see, the cash rate for the same dates will run you £1,400 in mid-May.

Buying 140,000 Marriott Bonvoy points for £880~ and booking Trump Turnberry for example represents a saving of £520 or 37%. Or if you prefer turning those points that you bought for 0.62 pence each have been cashed in for 1p a point.

Why Trump Turnberry?

There are plenty of Marriott hotels this applies to around the world. With everything that’s going on plus Turnberry being one of the best hotels in the UK (IMO). Spending 5 nights there would be a delight, especially if the sun comes out. You’ll defo want to include a Sunday night and sample their Sunday roasts and the Battle in the Dunes restaurant.

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