Amsterdam to USA in business for sub £1,000 with OneWorld

The start of the week seen some ridiculously low fares in business class with SkyTeam (Virgin, KLM, Delta, Air France) from Spain. Now OneWorld (British Airways, Finnair, American Airlines, Iberia) has attempted to stay competitive with their deals departing from Amsterdam to the USA.

The Deal

Dates are available from January 2022 all the way through to August 2022. You’ll be departing Monday through Thursday and returning Monday through Thursday. A minimum of 6 nights stay is needed.

Amsterdam to Miami £954

Amsterdam to New York £1,036

Amsterdam to Boston £939

Amsterdam to Washington, DC £958

Amsterdam to Pittsburgh £933

Amsterdam to Nashville £1,128

Amsterdam to Dallas £964

Amsterdam to Houston £961

Amsterdam to Seattle £961

Amsterdam to Los Angeles £962

Amsterdam to San Fransisco £942

Gaming The System

You could keep it simple and fly something like Amsterdam (AMS) to Los Angeles (LAX) for £962. That’s at least 22 hours in a bed with pretty decent food and lots and lots of alcohol. Or you can game the system.

For an extra £56 you can book something like the above. Amsterdam (AMS) to London (LHR) to New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX) and the same coming back. If you’re wondering why anyone in their right mind would add an extra stop onto their journey and pay a little extra to do so, it’s to get maximum value out of their tickets. British Airways Executive Club, BA’s loyalty program (I wrote a piece on it here) works on Tier Points (They’re explained here). Simply, every flight in Business class over 2,000 miles gains 140 tier points. Amsterdam to Los Angeles is over 2,000 miles so you would get 140 tier points each way. 280 Tier points are still 20 short of BA’s lowest level where the only thing useful you get is Business class check-in.

If you flew:

  • Amsterdam – London – 40 Tier Points
  • London – New York – 140 Tier Points
  • New York – Los Angeles – 140 Tier Points

and the same back you’d accrue 640 tier points. This would put you straight to Silver for almost 2 years potentially.

Almost 2 years of business class lounges before and after you fly, not just for you, a guest too. Showers, Champagne, Relaxation, basically everything you wouldn’t normally associate with an airport. Then you get the increased luggage allowance, ability to chose seats for free at the time you make the booking. All of this even when you only book economy tickets! Having status with an airline really does transform flying.


If you need a hand finding a route or booking something just ask, always happy to help.

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